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Re: Re: Search Applet

From: Michael <michael(at)>
Date: Mon Jun 21 1999 - 04:55:30 GMT
I have a javascript/plain script that is driven by a mod-perl/perl cgi 
script, no problems. If you'd like to take a look see: (or plx). It will switch to mod perl 
automatically on the second access. With script off on your browser, will 
use a different form.


On Sun, 20 Jun 1999, Christian Werner wrote:

> William Malin wrote:
> > There was a javascript error in the top frame of the demo page each time I
> > visited your site. Consequently, the applet never gave me a search box in
> > which to enter a query.......
> Which browser did  you use ? Is JavaScript enabled in your browser ? If you
> get the
> "JavaScript Error, can't continue !" message in the applet frame I assume
> that you disabled JavaScript in your web browser or you do not run MS IE 4.0
> or Netscape 4.5.
> Kind regards
> Christian
Received on Mon Jun 21 00:02:17 1999