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RE: Abstracting

From: Nicolas Huillard <nhuillard(at)>
Date: Mon Jun 14 1999 - 07:59:50 GMT
Yes, this is interesting ! There have been a discussion about abstracting in this mailing list, and someone said that it wasn't so slow to generate abstracts while generating the answer page of the query (at "run-time"). But it is a strng work to modify the Perl front script to generate abstracts. If the work is already done, it is better for me.
I agree with Ron, when he says that the abstracting should be independent of the retreiving method.
The fact is that I use the filesystem retreiving method (to index only a well known set of files), and it would be interesting for me to have that feature...


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De:	Antonio Cisternino [SMTP:cisterni@Di.Unipi.IT]
Date:	vendredi 11 juin 1999 17:51
:	Multiple recipients of list
Objet:	[SWISH-E] Abstracting

I've extended the swishspider to store in a DB the abstracts of pages.
I've used the DB_File package of perl that uses the dbm database (hash).
In this way I can return an abstract of a web page using a simple
perl script.
If someone is interested let me know...

-- Antonio
Received on Mon Jun 14 00:55:55 1999