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Parsing the results to get just the file path etc...

From: Michael McLaughlin <mmclaug(at)>
Date: Thu Jun 10 1999 - 10:20:04 GMT
I've been using Swish 1.1.4 for a day or so now on Linux (RedHat 5.2).
I have picked up the basics of generating and searching an index from the
command line fairly easily.
Can someone help me on more advanced stuff:

1) How can I strip out just the <path name> and <file name> from my search
results -- get rid of some of the verbose output? The idea is to channel
these to a separate file.
I suppose I could write a Perl script, but my guess is that this has been
done before...

2) Swish 1.1.4 is fine for searching my Linux box. But if I want to search
remote web sites ("spider") do I need a more up to date version?
Presumably, SWISH-E is needed.
 If so, is it available for Linux -- in RPM form. I'm still not brave
enough to try compiling source code yet.


Received on Thu Jun 10 03:17:41 1999