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swish-e loops on lookups

From: Anna Langley <A.Langley(at)>
Date: Wed Jun 02 1999 - 15:49:07 GMT

I've been installing and configuring swish-e v1.3.2 on a
Solaris 2.5 machine, built using gcc 2.7.2.

The problem:  If I index using the http method, searches
work fine, but because of the design of our site only a few
files get indexed.

On the other hand, if I index using the file system method,
the searches appear to go into a loop (appears to be so
after watching it run using truss). One of these searches
ran for over 24 hours before I killed it.

Any suggestions?


Anna Langley -   University of East London
+44 (0)181 590 7000 (x2390)          Longbridge Road
Senior Network Specialist (Unix)     Dagenham, Essex RM8 2AS
Information Technology Department
Received on Wed Jun 2 08:46:07 1999