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RE: No title being returned for version 1.3.2

From: David Norris <kg9ae(at)>
Date: Mon May 31 1999 - 07:38:51 GMT
I'm glad I'm not going nuts again ;)  I have noticed this also within the
past day or so.  I haven't upgraded SWISH-E, but, I have changed my
documents since the last index.

I haven't really had the time to spend on it yet.  I resigned myself to
stick with the outdated index for a few more days.

I am having trouble only with certain documents.  Probably something wrong
with whatever code parses for the title.  Could be something simple, though.
I have modified a few things (space, tabs, etc) in my documents trying to
work around the problem on the document side.  It hasn't helped.  The doc
properties and stemming doesn't seem to be working for some reason, either.
That's probably me, though.

For an example of HTML documents which are working and are not, then go to:
and search for 'MiSMA' using the Spider_Experiment index from the drop down

That will return nearly every document on the server.  There is a mixture of
working and non-working documents on the first results page.  Basically, the
serv.* documents are correct and nothing else.  These serv.* documents are
part of the original HTML markup, which was used for the Entire_Web_Site
index.  They weren't updated with the rest of the site for various reasons.
But, there isn't an obvious difference between them as far as the first line
up to and including the title tag.  They are essentially the same with
exception to tag case.  All but the serv.* documents use exactly the same
template for the head.  The template is based on the head from serv.*, go
figure.  The HTML markup has no errors, either.

This site is running SWISH-E 1.3.2 on FreeBSD.  The pages were indexed using
SWISH-E 1.3.2 and on Windows 98.  The BSD machine only has
PERL 4 installed, so I had to be a bit creative ;)

 ,David Norris

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