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RE: Problems indexing files (fwd)

From: Rainer Scherg <Rainer.Scherg(at)>
Date: Fri May 28 1999 - 17:15:04 GMT
I found a bug in the filter enhancement.
I'm working on it, and will post the fix as soon as possible.

Have a nice weekend...

-- Rainer

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From:	Carpio Ca\ada Jose
Sent:	Friday, May 28, 1999 11:02 AM
To:	Multiple recipients of list
Subject:	[SWISH-E] Problems indexing files (fwd)

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=09I have some problems with swish-e filter modifications.

=09I need to index .pdf y .ps files, I work in a machine with SunOs=20
5.6, and I compiled the filter version of swish-e.

=09But when  I try to index the files and after make some searchs, I=20
can't find some words I know are placed in the document.

=09I think the filters don=B4t work fine.

=09I was make some test with the filters files independently and=20
they operate well.

=09For example:=20 ../PAPERS/mi_file.pdf=20

=09and I get for standard output the file in text format.
=09I don=B4t know what I must write in the configuration file, I have
put: =20

=09FilterDir /export/home/pedro/indexing/filters=20
=09FileFilter .pdf
=09Filefilter .ps
=09IndexOnly .htm .html .ps .pdf .txt=20
        # Only files with these suffixes will be indexed. IndexOnly 
        # .html .ps .pdf .txt=20
        # Only files with these suffixes will be indexed.=20
        NoContents .gif .xbm .au. mov .mpg
=09# Files with these suffixes will not have their contents indexed=20
=09# only their file names will be indexed. -

=09I don=B4t know if this config file is correct. (Full file in 

=09Previous thanks,

=09Jose Carpio.
Received on Fri May 28 10:14:01 1999