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RE: Anyone using SWISH-E on Linux?

From: Ibon Aizpurua <epiola(at)>
Date: Tue May 25 1999 - 08:30:46 GMT
> Is anyone using SWISH-E on Linux?  If so, would anyone be willing to test
> the config option:
> IgnoreWords SwishDefault
> IgnoreWords doesn't appear to be working at all on most or any version of
> Linux.  I don't have a Linux machine up to test it on.  I hope to have one
> running in a few days, though.
> I've tested it on FreeBSD 2.2.5 and Windows 98 & 2000.  It works perfectly
> on those.  I compiled it with GCC 2.7 on FreeBSD and Microsoft 32-bit
> Compiler 11.00.7022 (MSVC++ 5) on Windows.

I'm using under Linux (Red Hat 5.1) and it is running well, but I write my
stopwords (in Basque language). Looking created indexes I don't see any
stopwords that appear in the IgnoreWords line, and when I am searching
if I put one stopword SWISH-E answer me than the word is too common. So I
think it runs well in my Linux distribution.

                                                            Ibon Aizpurua
                                                    University of the Basque
Received on Tue May 25 01:29:02 1999