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Re: No correct index file created for HTTP

From: Ron Klatchko <ron(at)>
Date: Tue May 11 1999 - 22:48:38 GMT
At 01:37 PM 5/10/99 -0700, DongHo Kim wrote:
>I installed SWISH-E, Autoswish, and a search CGI script "swish-cgi" in
>Solaris 2.7 and indexing for FILESYSTEM is ok.
>But, indexing for HTTP is not working.
>After I commented out the parameters for FILESYSTEM in "user.config" file
>and ran the command, no correct index file is created producing
>the message:

I'm running Swish 1.3.2 with your supplied configuration and it worked
fine.  Are you sure you're not getting any other output?  One thing to
double check is that swishspider is properly working; make sure it has the
correct path to perl on the first line and that it has execute permission.
Once you have done that, try running swishspider manually to see if it works:

./swishspider ./ss

It should then create three files ss.contents, ss.links and ss.response.
If you are seeing some other behaviour, please send it back to the group.

          Ron Klatchko - Manager, Advanced Technology Group           
           UCSF Library and Center for Knowledge Management           
Received on Tue May 11 15:44:44 1999