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SWISH-E Developer Needed for Project

From: <johnr(at)>
Date: Mon May 10 1999 - 18:34:54 GMT
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Hope this is not off topic.  We are looking for someone who can 
develop a search engine.

Owl's Eye Productions is a web site development, promotion and
hosting firm.

We have a client interested in creating a resource for others in
their industry, which is transportation.  Essentially, they want a
searchable database of web sites related to their industry. We can
provide URLs, titles and descriptions of the sites which should be
included. However, the sites will need to be indexed to allow for
keyword searches. They also would like to sell top position within
the search results.

The database should have the following qualities:

1. Run on a Unix box (BSDI).
2. Include a facility for adding both individual URLs and groups of URLs. 
3. Can present data using some form of relevancy ranking. 
4. Can present data in groups (top 20 listings, next 20 listings, etc.).

We anticipate that the number of records (sites) will be under
10,000, although it could get much higher.

Any administration should be via a web browser.

We would be particularly interested in any similar work you have
done. Also, any additional information needed to bid on this job.

This is a preliminary assignment leading to a long-term relationship
with Owl's Eye. 
Received on Mon May 10 15:32:41 1999