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Help, can't get the title of page to show in the results.

From: Rodolfo Garcia N. <rgarcia(at)>
Date: Fri Apr 23 1999 - 19:18:08 GMT
Need help,

When I index a site (spidering mode) the results on a search show the
filename of the page instead of the title.

785 http://test/directorio.html "directorio.html" 2341

I raised the TITLETOPLINES to 100, and made sure the title appears early
in the page. But anyway it doesnt get picked up. I get the same results.

However if I index it thru FS mode, it works ok. ( I also noticed a much
higher index file size. and much higher number of files indexed).

Received on Fri Apr 23 12:06:31 1999