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swish-e and Linux on Intel Iron

From: John Tangney <john.tangney(at)>
Date: Thu Apr 22 1999 - 20:06:38 GMT

I searched the archive, and found the following:

> > I haven't used Swish in a few months, but I vaguely recall that Guilah's
> > code is completely ANSI-C compliant, and would compile on a standard Linux
> > box using the GNU gcc compiler. If I'm wrong, please post your flames here.
> It (well, swish, I haven't tested swish-e) compiles just fine out of the box.
> > I'm interested in whether Swish would compile with the MS C++ compiler so
> > that I could use it on my NT server as well. I've never used the MS
> > compiler, but I'm guessing that because the code is so generic, it should
> > work.
> Unfortunately, there's some DOS/Unix EOL issues with the index files. You
> might be okay if the index files were generated and read by an NT version
> of swish. It isn't difficult to fix it so the index files themselves are
> portable (at least across operating systems on Intel machines, I haven't
> considered any endianness problems, but I don't think there should be
> any). Unfortunately, I've got a heavily-hacked version of swish so it's
> hard to produce a patch to share. I can try to narrow down where those
> changes were if anyone is really interested. It's mostly a matter of
> making sure to read the index files in binary mode and avoiding using
> char == '\n' tests when reading the header and offsets.

It would seem that the situation has not changed, right?

Thanks in advance
Received on Thu Apr 22 13:01:54 1999