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META tag content has to be used with -w keyword=content!?

From: Ian 'Ivo' Veach <ivo(at)>
Date: Thu Mar 25 1999 - 01:58:48 GMT
Greeting Swishers -

Maybe this is a stupid question, but for the meta tag
        <META NAME="author" CONTENT="Peter">
if I want to perform a search for all docs created by "Peter", I have to
	swish -w author=Peter -f ivo.swishindex
instead of this?
	swish -w Peter -f ivo.swishindex

More particularly, joe-user wants to search with anything with Mike in it,
including content, description, keywords, and author, they have to use:
	swish -w author=Mike description=Mike keywords=Mike Mike
with all the other options they may want?

thanks and
Ian Veach, Systems Software Analyst, UCCSN Systems Computing Services, VOICE: (775) 784.6486, FAX: (775) 784.1108
Received on Wed Mar 24 17:58:16 1999