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Re: help SWISH-E Indexing

From: Roy Tennant <rtennant(at)>
Date: Thu Mar 18 1999 - 05:18:02 GMT
There are at least a couple ways to index files by dates:

1) SWISH-E can find dates (such as 1999) just like it find words. You just
need to make sure that your configuration is set up appropriately.
2) For more controlled access, consider putting your dates inside a date
META tag: <META NAME="date" CONTENT="17 March 1999">. Then you can focus
your date searches on those fields only.

Finding individual dates (such as a particular year) is easy. Doing date
ranges is a bit more difficult. You will need to do some pre- and
post-processing of the search using CGI program to interact with the index
and the SWISH-E software (for example, to search for 1995 or 1996 or 1997
for a 1995-97 range).
Roy Tennant

On Wed, 17 Mar 1999, Sharon Levy wrote:

> I've looked at the documentation associated with the SWISH-E search engine
> and
> I was wondering if it is possible to index files by dates, so that the
> search engine would only locate files within certain dates.  If so, what
> command line switch would I use and what would the exact syntax be?  I've
> looked at the command indexing options and it doesn't appear that this
> particular option exists.  Am I wrong?  Also, if it doesn't exist, would
> this mean necessarily that the C source code for SWISH would need to be
> amended to make this kind of option possible? Or, is there an easier/simpler
> solution?
> I look forward to your reply.
> Many thanks.
Received on Wed Mar 17 21:11:24 1999