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Re: plug-in for the HTTP method

From: jmerelo <jmerelo(at)>
Date: Tue Mar 09 1999 - 09:48:06 GMT

Ibon Aizpurua wrote:

> Hello swish-e users,
> Now I want  insert one litle perl script in the swish-e.

Probably you mean the other way round: insert a call to swish-e from a
perl script.

> The script does next tasks:
>     It gets one html file and at last it answers if that
> page is written in euskera (The basque country language)
> or not.
> So inserting this script I want index pages written only in euskera.
> I want do that after call the swishspider, but before than index
> pages.
> - Can anybody say where must I insert the script?
> - Is countwords() the indexer function?

Not too clear. You want the script to answer a query from an user, or
just to write a field in a file or database or something? If you want it
to be an answer to a question from an user, then it must be a CGI
script, if not, you can put it anywhere, or call swishspider and
anything else from a script (in PERL or whatever).

Good luck, and agur...

Received on Tue Mar 9 04:36:26 1999