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Re: Re: A problem with swishspider

From: Yann Stettler <stettler(at)>
Date: Sun Mar 07 1999 - 13:13:40 GMT
Andrew wrote:
> Dear Marina and Swish-e users,
> we have noticed this exact same problem, though strangely it was not until we switrched servers that this occurred.
> Our new server, like yours, contains the module, but not

That module was included in previous version of libwww-perl
but not in the latest one... So either install an old version
or copy the few files needed.

Perhaps that info could be included on the website or in the
doc of SWISH if we don't want to have to repeate it every month
or so... Just an idee...

Yann Stettler

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Received on Sun Mar 7 05:11:19 1999