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RE: Non-PERL based front-end

From: David Norris <kg9ae(at)>
Date: Thu Feb 25 1999 - 23:37:52 GMT
VB would be nightmarish to handle something that simple.  I would definitely
use C.  I don't know of anything publicly available.  It shouldn't be very
complex to write.  I think that Dirk Nerinckx wrote some routines for
SWISH-E that formatted the search results in HTML.  He is using them in an
ISAPI DLL.  CGI shouldn't be hard, though.

Is Dirk still on this list?  If not, I think that I have a copy of that
portion of code.  He didn't give me the ISAPI code, just the C++ additions
that allowed SWISH-E to be compiled as a DLL and his formatted output code.
It would give you an idea of how to write the search code.  At one point, I
modified the input and output to be CGI compatible.  I dumped that code
because a scripting language is much more flexible.  I don't think that I
even have a copy of it anymore.  It became annoying to have to recompile
just for a simple HTML fix or something.

I have a PHP front-end called 'Simple Web Search'.  I think that it might do
what you are asking.  (If it doesn't, I may be able to add it once I
understand exactly what you need.)  But, you would have to install the PHP
interpreter on the server.  That is a minor task, though.  Nothing like the
mess that PERL installs.  On Microsoft IIS the install script usually does
it for you.  There are some simple install documents relating to Apache,
WebSite, Xitami and other servers.

Simple Web Search


,David Norris

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> []On Behalf Of Todd Gangell
> Sent: Thursday, 25 February, 1999 10:20
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> Subject: [SWISH-E] Non-PERL based front-end
> I've been in search of a non perl front-end to use with SWISH. I am
> using Visual Basic based CGI, and am looking for something that I can
> interact with and pass variables too via a web interface. I know that
> O'reilly is shipping Webfind and their version of SWISH with WebSite,
> but I want to steer clear of having to buy the whole package for a
> couple of exe's. I thought you might be able to offer some assistance.
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