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Installation under SuSE Linux 5.3

From: Heiko Jakovski <HJakovski(at)>
Date: Thu Feb 25 1999 - 16:29:45 GMT
I tried to install the Package under SuSE Linux 5.3.
After installing all the Progs. in the following List, the
Swish-E Programm ist compiled and all other apps are running.

The Problem is the The Swishspider Script uses an
Subroutine called: parse_html - This Subroutine is not in the
code in my Version of

The second problem was that the Swishspider Script called an Lib
with the name (i have with an R at the end ???).

Iīve changed this filename manually, but it didnīt work cause the
subroutine. Where can I get the right ?

Versions :

Tool		Version
Linux Kernel	2.0.35
swish-e		1.3.1
gcc		2.8.1
make		3.77
libtool		1.2
autoconf	2.13
automake	1.4
w3c-libwww	5.2.6

HTML	2.22

(Its a lot of stuff to install only for using Swish-E ;-))

Thanx a lot

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Heiko Jakovski (
Received on Thu Feb 25 08:24:40 1999