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Inaccurate ranking?

From: <sam1600(at)>
Date: Sat Feb 20 1999 - 23:35:07 GMT

Sorry for posting what may be a blatantly newbie
comment/question ;-) but for some reason a search
on a particular keyword always returns an inaccurate
ranking.  This keyword "gmc" occurs at least twice
on every page ( once in a metatag and once in a link )
but more than ten times on a particular page.
( I have a search box on every page, and why
people search for this word when there is a link is
beyond me but they do anyway ;-)

It is a small site with only a few dozen pages
and if I search for this keyword that I know
for sure occurs on a certain page more
times than other pages, the said page is
ranked far down the list.

The command line is simple with just
the -f -w and -m options specified.

I've read in the mailing list that the ran
algorithm takes a few things into account
when ranking but I just can't see why it
would override the total number of
occurrences of a keyword as the most important

I've been using Swish ( not Swish-e ) and have
been logging the visitors search keywords
( and this keyword is a popular one... hence
the reason for me testing it ).  I'm not obsessed
with this keyword ;-) i'm just curious how often the
same inacurate ranking is occurring on other words also.

Oh, by the way.  This bad ranking is NOT occurring
with the old Swish.

Comments anyone?



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Received on Sat Feb 20 15:37:37 1999