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RE: Swish-e just broke...and a solution.

From: David Norris <kg9ae(at)>
Date: Wed Feb 17 1999 - 20:23:07 GMT
>   #IgnoreWords SwishDefault
> And this broke it.  Commenting out this line makes everything work fine.
> This looks like a bug.  Is that a correct assessment, or is Swish-E
> supposed to work this way?

Bug or feature?  Probably a little of both.  'from' is a stopword, so it is
stripped from the query, you are left with =lars as a result.  Just off the
top, you have several options:

1. Change the 'from' Meta in all documents (Yeah, right)
2. Remove your meta property names from the SwishDefault in swish.h then
3. Don't use SwishDefault and specify your own stopwords in the config file.
4. Rewrite SWISH-E to not strip stopwords from meta properties.

4 might be a good choice for someone to do eventually.  But, the other 3 are
far easier to deal with and work just as well.

,David Norris

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------------- SwishDefault from swish.h ----------------------

"a", "above", "according", "across", "actually", "adj", "after",
"afterwards", "again", "against", "all", "almost", "alone", "along",
"already", "also", "although", "always", "among", "amongst", "an", "and",
"another", "any", "anyhow", "anyone", "anything", "anywhere", "are", "aren",
"aren't", "around", "as", "at", "be", "became", "because", "become",
"becoming", "been", "before", "beforehand", "begin", "beginning", "behind",
"being", "below", "beside", "besides", "between", "beyond", "billion",
"but", "by", "can", "can't", "cannot", "caption", "co", "could", "couldn",
"couldn't", "did", "didn", "didn't", "do", "does", "doesn", "doesn't",
"don't", "down", "during", "each", "eg", "eight", "eighty", "either",
"elsewhere", "end", "ending", "enough", "etc", "even", "ever", "every",
"everyone", "everything", "everywhere", "except", "few", "fifty", "first",
"five", "for", "former", "formerly", "forty", "found", "four", "from",
"further", "had", "has", "hasn", "hasn't", "have", "haven", "haven't",
"he", "hence", "her", "here", "hereafter", "hereby", "herein", "hereupon",
"hers", "herself", "him", "himself", "his", "how", "however", "hundred",
"ie", "i.e.", "if", "in", "inc", "inc.", "indeed", "instead", "into", "is",
"isn", "isn't", "it", "its", "itself", "last", "later", "latter",
"least", "less", "let", "like", "likely", "ll", "ltd", "made", "make",
"makes", "many", "maybe", "me", "meantime", "meanwhile", "might", "million",
"miss", "more", "moreover", "most", "mostly", "mr", "mrs", "much", "must",
"my", "myself", "namely", "neither", "never", "nevertheless", "next",
"ninety", "no", "nobody", "none", "nonetheless", "noone", "nor", "not",
"nothing", "now", "nowhere", "of", "off", "often", "on", "once", "one",
"only", "onto", "or", "others", "otherwise", "our", "ours",
"ourselves", "out", "over", "overall", "own", "per", "perhaps", "rather",
"re", "recent", "recently", "same", "seem", "seemed", "seeming", "seems",
"seven", "seventy", "several", "she", "should", "shouldn", "shouldn't",
"since", "six", "sixty", "so", "some", "somehow", "someone", "something",
"sometime", "sometimes", "somewhere", "still", "stop", "such", "taking",
"ten", "than", "that", "the", "their", "them", "themselves", "then",
"thence", "there", "thereafter", "thereby", "therefore", "therein",
"thereupon", "these", "they", "thirty", "this", "those", "though",
"thousand", "three", "through", "throughout", "thru", "thus", "to",
"together", "too", "toward", "towards", "trillion", "twenty", "two",
"unless", "unlike", "unlikely", "until", "up", "upon", "us", "used",
"ve", "very", "via", "was", "wasn", "we", "we", "well", "were", "weren",
"weren't", "what", "whatever", "when", "whence", "whenever", "where",
"whereafter", "whereas", "whereby", "wherein", "whereupon", "wherever",
"whether", "which", "while", "whither", "who", "whoever", "whole", "whom",
"whomever", "whose", "why", "will", "with", "within", "without", "won",
"would", "wouldn", "wouldn't", "yes", "yet", "you", "your", "yours",
"yourself", "yourselves", NULL };
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