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an exclusion question

From: Bruce Bowler <bbowler(at)>
Date: Wed Jan 27 1999 - 20:32:55 GMT
Now that I've got the spider working, I'd like him to ignore some files.
Specifically I'd like it to ignore files of the form *.wwwstat.html.  I
tried adding .wwwstat.html to the NoContents directive but that reduced my
contents to 0 since it excluded all .html files :-).  Other than stuffing
them off in some other directory with I could then exclude with robots.txt,
is there another way (when spidering) to tell it to ignore files that match
a certain pattern?


Bruce Bowler                             207.633.9600 (voice)
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Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
West Boothbay Harbor ME  04575 
Received on Wed Jan 27 12:32:34 1999