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Swishe 1.3 under NT - Watch your Paths

From: Mark Gaulin <gaulin(at)>
Date: Mon Jan 25 1999 - 19:52:56 GMT
I just noticed that the FileRules/Replace now uses regex. As a result
the "FileRules Replace from to" config file directive parses the "from"
and treats a path with backslashes, such as "\thisismydir" as if it were
looking for a \t, or tab, character in the file name.  
One way to deal with this is to use "\\thisismydir" in the config file... the
double slash becomes a single slash.

The "better" way, I think, for Windows users, is to specify ALL file and
directory paths in all config file parameters using the forward slash, as 
in "/thisismydir".  Swish will do the right thing.  That applies mostly to
the IndexDir and IndexFile directives but there may be others.

This advice for Windows uses should be added to the swish documentation.

Received on Mon Jan 25 11:47:35 1999