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GNU-style switches

From: Mark Gaulin <gaulin(at)>
Date: Sat Jan 23 1999 - 17:32:42 GMT
Can someone point me to/supply me with a description of the GNU 
command line switch "style"?  Even without knowing specifically what it 
looks like I think it sounds like a great idea.

As for the paging option argument, I now believe that swish-e should 
include a starting line number and a max number of lines (which it already 
has) to support applications where paged output makes sense.  I am sure it
would get used.


At 01:18 PM 1/22/99 -0800, Ron Klatchko wrote:
>At 11:58 AM 1/22/99 -0800, Mark Gaulin wrote:
>>My "real" objection is to having more 
>>command line options. There are quite a few of them now 
>>and most (all?) are single letters. We are quickly running
>>out of "obvious" switch letters.  Before adding any more into
>>the general distribution why don't we come up with a simple
>>way to name new command line switches so they are not
>>running into each other.  
>I think it's time to update swish to use GNU command line switches: double
>dashes preceding long name options and for backwards compatibility, single
>dashes introducing single letter options.
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