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SWISH-E 1.3.1 bugs?

From: David Norris <kg9ae(at)>
Date: Tue Jan 19 1999 - 02:39:20 GMT
I just compiled SWISH-E 1.3.1 on Linux.  I currently have both 1.2.4 FS and
1.3.1 on the system.  I had a few warnings and no errors when compiling.
When I attempt to index a directory with 1.3.1, it doesn't follow the
directories.  It simply indexes the IndexDir and then stops.  1.2.4, with
same config file, indexes the entire directory structure under the IndexDir
as it should.  So, I don't believe that it is the config file.  Both
programs are manually being run as root from the console.

Am I missing some new config option?  Or, is there a problem?

Also, the user.config supplied has two directives called IgnoreFirstChar and
IgnoreLastChar.  SWISH-E 1.3.1 gives an error stating that they are both bad
directives. 1.2.4 doesn't.

One final oddity.  When I downloaded the 1.3.1 tarball, I first tried to
open it with Winzip.  Winzip told me that there was no valid tar image
found.  'tar -xvzf' opened it without error, however.  Perhaps this all is
related to some error with the distribution archive.

My config file is below.

,David Norris

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--------- swish.conf ----------
IndexDir /www/share/apache/htdocs
IndexFile /www/share/apache/swish.idx
IndexName "DarkStar Index"
IndexDescription "Index of the entire web directory on DarkStar."
IndexPointer "http://darkstar/"
IndexAdmin "David Norris, ("
MetaNames author description
IndexReport 3
FollowSymLinks yes
IgnoreLimit 50 1000
IndexComments 1
IndexOnly .html .php3 .txt
Received on Mon Jan 18 18:38:31 1999