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Re: Version 1.3.1 Released

From: William Malin <blvdmaster(at)>
Date: Mon Jan 18 1999 - 15:41:00 GMT
SWISH-E is really phenomenal!

Thanks for all of your efforts to make it such a viable, feature-rich
engine..... I've been meaning to suggest a feature like "document
properties" for some time because I conduct searches **only** within meta
tags and SWISH-E has, until now, generated  indexes that include content
that I don't use -- making the index file unnecessarily large......

Thanks again!

Bill Malin
Ventura Blvd on the Web

	"It's Virtual Ventura Blvd."  -the L.A. Times 6-23-96

At 03:06 PM 1/16/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Version 1.3.1 of SWISH-E is now available for downloading at:
>Key features include:
>* the ability to specify META tags whose contents should be stored in the
>index and returned in search results ("document properties")
>* word stemming, which will will automatically match (English) words that
>had the same word stem, so a search for "emotional" will match "emotion".
>This converts plural forms into singular as well. This can be activated or
>not in the configuration file.
>* the HTTP and File System indexing systems were combined so one
>executable can index both web sites and files. 
>* for the HTTP indexing system, there is a new option of treating URL's as
>case insensitive
>Please see the release notes for more information at:
>And also key portions of the manual:
>Document Properties:
>Configuration File example:
>Most of the features of this release were programmed by Mark Gaulin
><>. Ron Klatchko, Yan Stettler, and Earl Fogel also
>contributed to this release. As always, our thanks to the entire SWISH-E
>community for their suggestions, patches, and code contributions.
>Roy Tennant
>Giulia Hill
>SWISH-E Managers
Received on Mon Jan 18 07:41:36 1999