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RE: SWISH++ list (was: SWISH-E Posting Policy)

From: Jon S. Jaques <lists(at)>
Date: Wed Jan 13 1999 - 23:36:02 GMT

I hope you removed the link to this jerk's site from your homepage! And thank
you for making him unwelcome here-- It should be much easier now to carry on
with business, without his annoying flames and insults!


> -----Original Message-----
> From:
> []On Behalf Of Paul J. Lucas
> Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 1:16 PM
> To: Multiple recipients of list
> Subject: [SWISH-E] SWISH++ list (was: SWISH-E Posting Policy)
> On Mon, 11 Jan 1999, Roy Tennant wrote:
> > 1. All messages must relate to SWISH-Enhanced or issues related to the
> > development or implementation of it.
> Later on Mon, 11 Jan 1999, Roy Tennant also wrote:
> > SWISH++ is no longer an appropriate topic on this list unless the message
> > refers to it in relation to SWISH-Enhanced. Again, all messages must
> > relate to SWISH-E -- *not* a completely separate and unrelated (except in
> > name and some functionality) software product.
> 	I have set up a separate SWISH++ discussion list.  The list is
> 	hosted via Postdoc, a web-based collaborative environment (that
> 	I also have been developing for the past couple of years, i.e.,
> 	my "day job.")  This version of Postdoc is also a newer version
> 	that the version already in massive use, so I'm testing it out
> 	by hosting SWISH++ here.
> 	Anyone can view the SWISH++ "folder" via the URL:
> 	Please take the time to read the material there and learn a bit
> 	about the Postdoc environment.  From the submission policy:
> 		Discussion of SWISH++, its features, use, and
> 		implementation are welcome. Additionally,
> 		discussion on broader topics, such as indexing
> 		and searching in general and web interfaces for
> 		searching, are also welcome. (The topic must
> 		have something to do with indexing and
> 		searching, however.)
> 		It is hoped that this will be an
> 		intellectually-stimulating discussion list
> 		rather than merely being about clueless newbies
> 		who can't RTFM to get the software installed
> 		and working.
> 	If Roy wants to have a myopic mailing list devoted primarily to
> 	newbies who couldn't compile a piece of software to save their
> 	lives or know a user manual if they sat on one, that's his
> 	business.
> 	Note to Roy: I realize this violates your policy so I'll save
> 	you the trouble of warning me in private e-mail and send e-mail
> 	to myself admonishing me.  You most likely won't hear another
> 	peep out of me, though.  Have a nice day.
> 	- Paul
> 	P.S.: If you are interested in the Postdoc software itself, it
> 	is in the process of undergoing licensing so that it will be
> 	available free of charge to the public having terms very
> 	similar to the GNU General Public License.  This could take a
> 	while, however.  After all, this is the federal government
> 	we're talking about.
Received on Wed Jan 13 15:29:37 1999