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SWISH++ list (was: SWISH-E Posting Policy)

From: Paul J. Lucas <pjl(at)>
Date: Wed Jan 13 1999 - 18:15:32 GMT
On Mon, 11 Jan 1999, Roy Tennant wrote:

> 1. All messages must relate to SWISH-Enhanced or issues related to the
> development or implementation of it. 

Later on Mon, 11 Jan 1999, Roy Tennant also wrote:

> SWISH++ is no longer an appropriate topic on this list unless the message
> refers to it in relation to SWISH-Enhanced. Again, all messages must
> relate to SWISH-E -- *not* a completely separate and unrelated (except in
> name and some functionality) software product.

	I have set up a separate SWISH++ discussion list.  The list is
	hosted via Postdoc, a web-based collaborative environment (that
	I also have been developing for the past couple of years, i.e.,
	my "day job.")  This version of Postdoc is also a newer version
	that the version already in massive use, so I'm testing it out
	by hosting SWISH++ here.

	Anyone can view the SWISH++ "folder" via the URL:

	Please take the time to read the material there and learn a bit
	about the Postdoc environment.  From the submission policy:

		Discussion of SWISH++, its features, use, and
		implementation are welcome. Additionally,
		discussion on broader topics, such as indexing
		and searching in general and web interfaces for
		searching, are also welcome. (The topic must
		have something to do with indexing and
		searching, however.)

		It is hoped that this will be an
		intellectually-stimulating discussion list
		rather than merely being about clueless newbies
		who can't RTFM to get the software installed
		and working.

	If Roy wants to have a myopic mailing list devoted primarily to
	newbies who couldn't compile a piece of software to save their
	lives or know a user manual if they sat on one, that's his

	Note to Roy: I realize this violates your policy so I'll save
	you the trouble of warning me in private e-mail and send e-mail
	to myself admonishing me.  You most likely won't hear another
	peep out of me, though.  Have a nice day.

	- Paul

	P.S.: If you are interested in the Postdoc software itself, it
	is in the process of undergoing licensing so that it will be
	available free of charge to the public having terms very
	similar to the GNU General Public License.  This could take a
	while, however.  After all, this is the federal government
	we're talking about.
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