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Swish -- External Indexing??

From: d e l d h a n o a <ddhanoa(at)>
Date: Wed Jan 06 1999 - 04:54:15 GMT
I am new to indexing systems.  And i am curious to know if Swish indexes
file outside of a website,

So say I wanted to develop a search engine that will search thru all of the
basketweaving sites on the net, will Swish allow for me to do this if a user
enters a search request from my site?

Second, even if Swish can do this are there other indexing systems out there
can can do this as well?
If Swish can't do this, still, are there any other indexing systems out
there that can?

- Del
Received on Tue Jan 5 17:54:09 1999