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modifying the score...

From: David Richard <david(at)>
Date: Wed Dec 16 1998 - 18:45:44 GMT
I'm using Swish-E/wwwwais to index and search my site. Currently, the score
that is returned for files found with swish is in the range of 0 -> 1000.
I would like to change this so that the range of values is between 0 ->
100.  What do I need to modify (eg. where - and how, for that matter - are
the scores calculated?)?  

I'm not afraid to crack open files, modify them and recompile the whole
thing.  I just want to know where to begin looking...

David S. Richard           <>

Information Architect
MONKEYmedia - Austin, Texas
(512) 440-8000 x.14, 440-1050 fax
Received on Wed Dec 16 10:47:10 1998