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Q: Swish-e Frenchisation

From: Eric HEURTEL (SYFED de Lome) <eheurtel(at)>
Date: Sat Dec 12 1998 - 16:40:15 GMT

I'd like to use Swish-e to index and make searches on my website; I've
tried it and I'm really satisfied of the results
(, go to "Rechercher sur le site"). 
However, my site is in French, and I think I can get a more powerful
search with appropriate configuration.

I wonder if somebody had already used it for a french database; in
particular I'd like to know which configuration is the best for French
language (defines WordCharacters, BeginCharacters, EndCharacters,
IgnoreLastChar and IgnoreFirstChar, and the french list of stopwords).

As I just subsribe this list I don't know if this question has already
been dealt. Else if somebody is interessed we could perhaps exchange our

Have a nice day,

    Eric  HEURTEL
Responsable technique
    Centre  SYFED
     Lome - TOGO
Received on Sat Dec 12 09:07:32 1998