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Does AutoSwish work for Linux???

From: Yasha Shetty <yasha(at)>
Date: Sat Dec 05 1998 - 08:44:15 GMT
	Actually  we installed the latest swish-e for linux and it is
working fine. Does AutoSwish work for Linux (Latest version  of Linux ie
Manhattan  5.1)?  Is there some other  setting to be done other than that
in the Readme for Autoswish??   
	Actually the .htaccess file was not created initially. Will that
create a problem?
	We at NCSI(IISc) have used SWISH-E for our
solaris website and it is working fine. It  would be good if it worked  on
Linux too. Awaiting your response...
				Yasha Shetty B
				NCSI, IISc,
Received on Sat Dec 5 00:24:27 1998