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Re: Re: Switch-e and <META DESCRIPTION=...>

From: David Fullagar <dpf(at)>
Date: Tue Dec 01 1998 - 15:06:03 GMT
>>> We would like to print the content of a META tag in the search
>>> result.  How could we do that ?

>> You have the name of the file: write a Perl script to parse it!
>> There is no reason to do *everything* within SWISH-E itself.

> [...]

> Doing such things via perl is not the way to go, because it's to
> slow and if you are doing such things via perl, you could also do
> the complete search engine with find -name '*.htm" -print | grep
> "$what"...

Perl is not too slow for this sort of thing, as long as you have the
files locally on disk.  (For the "spidering" version perhaps you might
want to include descriptive information?)

I use swish++ with a perl script that opens the first 4k of the found
files and looks for a meta tag with the description/summary.  If this
don't exist it creates one by unmunging the html on the fly to create
a couple of line summary.  I also get date and size information so
that I can create a "detailed" result page.  For 25-100 returned
documents this takes "no" time at all and allows the swish database to
remain lean.


David Fullagar  <>
Received on Tue Dec 1 07:06:55 1998