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Spidering,, OSF1

From: Sara Amato <samato(at)not-real.Bowdoin.EDU>
Date: Tue Dec 01 1998 - 14:04:08 GMT
I'm trying to use swish-e to spider through a local web site.  I've
compiled it on an alpha (OSF1) with the METHOD=HTTP option (make
METHOD=HTTP), but find that it doesn't spider at all and reports no
_files_ indexed, which makes me think that maybe it didn't really compile
with the HTTP method ...?? 

Also in the docs I see reference to a perl script helper, and am wondering
if I'm missing that - I didn't see anything like that in the distribution. 

Does anyone have any hints to point me in the right direction?  Any info

Sara Amato
Electronic Resources Librarian   Bowdoin College
Received on Tue Dec 1 06:05:31 1998