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swish-e: question about libnet perl library

From: Emily Gladstone <emily(at)>
Date: Fri Nov 20 1998 - 00:22:38 GMT
I'm trying to run swish-e with the HTTP option.  After I've
compiled it, I try to run a test and it tells me I need a
few Perl modules before I can use swish-e.  I have found all
of them except libnet on the various CPAN sites.  Does anyone
have a good source for this perl module?

Thanks a lot!  I'm sorry if this list answers this question
every few days- I couldn't find a FAQ.

Emily Gladstone

Emily Gladstone    (510) 628-0100 tel
Systems Administrator   (510) 628-0108 fax
Pangea Systems, Inc.
Received on Thu Nov 19 16:24:19 1998