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Re: Swish made my eyebrows burst into flame -Reply

From: Ron Klatchko <ron(at)>
Date: Thu Nov 19 1998 - 18:29:26 GMT
At 01:14 PM 11/19/98 -0500, you wrote:
>It also required the MIME library, which was not documented anywhere
>I could see.

swishspider does not directly require the MIME library, but it does require
LWP which in turn requires MIME (and 3 other modules in well which might
require further modules which in turn, well, you get the idea).  I don't
think it would be a good practice to document such subrequirements, since
if those change, the local documentation would be out of date.

How about a compromise.  What if next to the documentation for the LWP
requirement that we explicitly say that this module requires other modules
and refer them to CPAN.  Giulia, could you do this when you have a chance?

Received on Thu Nov 19 10:28:49 1998