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Memory leak under NT (hhtp method)

From: Alexandre Gefen <listes(at)>
Date: Tue Nov 17 1998 - 02:51:37 GMT
I have the following problem with swish 1.24 http method / windows NT 4.0
sp3 128 mo ram / activestate perl 506 : when indexing a big number of urls
(1000+) I get an "insuffisent system ressources" (I don't know the exact
formula in english) error message box of then swish.exe skips
the remaining urls and ends (correctly indexing the urls visited before the
error). At the time, NT monitor still show more than 30mo physical ram
memory free and a memory usage of c. 10 mo by swish.exe and less than 10 mo
by perl.exe. No error event is logged but I can't lanch any program anymore
: I get a "insuffisent system ressources" error even with notepad and I must
rebbot windows nt (closing the session is not bringing back my ressources).
Any help ?

Alexandre Gefen.
Received on Mon Nov 16 18:53:18 1998