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Swish under NT

From: Alexandre Gefen <listes(at)>
Date: Thu Nov 12 1998 - 21:59:19 GMT
I am a literature teacher and like to use swish to provide a little spider
engine on our web site on literary theory Did someone
succeed in compiling and using swish for win32 with the http method option ?
Could someone explain me how to compile the c sources or send me the program
compiled because I a not a programer and I've never done such a thing ;-) ?
Thank you very much,

Alexandre Gefen

PS Excuse my english...

Alexandre Gefen
Département d'Etudes de Frannçais Langue Etrangère
UFR Lettres et arts
Université Bordeaux 3 - Montaigne
E-mail :
Web :
Received on Thu Nov 12 14:09:48 1998