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Re: Re: SWISH++ 1.3 released

From: Ron Klatchko <ron(at)>
Date: Mon Nov 02 1998 - 20:34:53 GMT
Paul J. Lucas wrote:
> > 3. We all look seriously at integration of some swish-e innovations ...
> > spidering ... in a swish++ context ...
>         I don't understand why you (presumeably as a webmaster for your
>         website) wants to use a spider to index somebody else's web
>         site.

You're right.  I'll inform Excite, Alta-Vista, et. al. that you see no
need for it :-)

Here's the reason I developed spidering capability.  In an academic
campus setting, most departments set up their own web server.  There has
been discussion here at UCSF on creating a single interface that would
allow surfers to search all campus servers in one go.  Given that many
of the servers have no searching capabilities, spidering capability was
needed in order to do this.

That said, I saw a feature that I needed that I also thought would be
useful for the community at large.  So I developed it and gave it to the
SWISH-E team.  That is the model for open source.  Instead of asking why
feature X isn't in something, why don't you go ahead an implement it.

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