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Re: Re: SWISH++ 1.3 released

From: Dan Brickley <Daniel.Brickley(at)>
Date: Mon Nov 02 1998 - 18:36:37 GMT
On Mon, 2 Nov 1998, Earl Robinson wrote:

> I'm not trying to ignite a flame war [...] 

I'm not trying to start a flame war either, but I will hesitantly say
something that might be taken to be a little inflamatory here. One of
the barriers to re-integration of the SWISH efforts is that Paul has
made more than a few comments about swish++ versus swish-e on the
swish-e discussion list which were, to be frank, a little rude. Swish++
does appear to be rather good, but the manner in which it was
introduced into the swish-etc world was less than ideal. If I were in
the swish-e team, I'd be feeling less than enthusiastic about the idea
of integration with swish++. This is a pity. Both swish derivates seem
like interesting candidates for building further tools around (spiders,
web site management and search tools etc). Paul has made it clear that
he is not too bothered about problems falling outside his immediate
needs, and that's fair enough. But this leaves us with a hole where
community-minded development of GNUish swish-related tools should be.

I propose the following:

1. The SWISH-E team swallow their pride and admit that Paul has done a
pretty good job reworking the core indexing/searching engine, and that
it might make sense for ++ to form the basis for future swish

2. Paul swallows his pride and admits that some of his messages to the 
SWISH-E mailing list might have erred on the side of arrogance, and that
splitting the development trajectory and developer community for SWISH
would be an unfortunate outcome.

3. We all look seriously at integration of some swish-e innovations (eg.
meta tag indexing, spidering, web based index management) in a swish++
context (hooking up to related open-source efforts elsewhere, eg
Harvest and Harvest-NG).

4. Dan ducks and runs for cover, having offended everyone...


Received on Mon Nov 2 10:47:42 1998