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Re: Re: SWISH++ 1.3 released

From: Earl Robinson <erobins1(at)>
Date: Mon Nov 02 1998 - 18:03:50 GMT
I'm not trying to ignite a fleme war, or get people into a personal 
defense. I mostly need to deal with the web search part. The two things 
that _I_ am looking for are:

1. Something that can reasonably indexing ~500MB of data.

2. A straightforward toolkit for putting that index in a web page and 
returning results in a clean, consistent manner.

I see swish++ as solving the first requirement, and autoswish for the 
 I'm not asking Paul to devote his time to solve my problem. I appreciate 
that he's put in the time he has to make swish++ in the first place. It's 
a good program, and It wworks as advertised. My problem is that between 
the three packages [swish-e|swish++|Autoswish] I've got all of my 
requirement, but they don't all work together. I think many people would 
benefit if they did. IMHO combining the two is the best solution. i.e. 

Can't we all just get along??

Paul J. Lucas

>On Mon, 2 Nov 1998, Earl Robinson wrote:
>> Regarding new versions of Swish[-e|++].. Is anyone planning to move features
>> of swish++ into the swish-e codebase.
>	I'm not; I have no idea what other people's plans are.
>> I want to use Swish++ with Autoswish.
>	(In what follows, preceed everything with "IMHO.")
>	I see no reason for AutoSWISH to exist (which is why I didn't
>	write an equivalent for SWISH++).  It appears to be simply a
>	web wrapper around SWISH-E to solve the problem of you having
>	to RTFM to learn how to use the command-line options and config
>	files.  (SWISH++ doesn't use config files so, in some sense,
>	it's simpler to use.)  I don't consider that a worthy problem to
>	be solved.
>	If you can download a tar file, untar it, set compilation
>	options, tweak makefiles, and build and install the software,
>	you presumeably have enough of the right background experience
>	to be able to use SWISH++ via the command-line (or writing a
>	simple makefile or cronjob to automate your own task).
>	The *searching* part needs custom web wrappers; the *indexing*
>	part doesn't; or am I missing something?
>	- Paul
>	P.S.: SWISH++ users have submitted suggestions (and even
>	patches in some cases!) for enhancements to SWISH++.  Nobody to
>	date has written an AutoSWISH equivalent.  My conclusion is
>	that it's not needed by the people whom SWISH++ is targeted at.
Received on Mon Nov 2 10:07:31 1998