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Re: Re: spider not indexing

From: Andrew Cadman <editorial(at)>
Date: Fri Oct 30 1998 - 16:45:00 GMT
Dear all,

On the most verbose index report level (3) no failure is given. The spider for
some reason simply thinks it has finished spidering the site, and gives a
report conclusion in the usual swish manner - so many files spidered, words
indexed, etc. The maximum number of files spidered is 2. This is in spite of
the fact that there are over 30 html links alone on the first page - all of
which have absolute urls which function correctly. The first file that it
spiders after the index page is no different from all the urls mentioned on
that page.


NetLondon webmaster

Ron Klatchko wrote:

> Andrew Cadman wrote:
> > All the links on the index page are static html pages residing on the same
> > server, and do not even involve subdirectories, all residing in the same
> > directory.
> Try putting the IndexReport to 3 and tell us what reason swish is giving
> to reject your pages.
> > secondly, just out of interest, can swishspider spider pages created
> > dynamically by cgi scripts - or is it confined to static HTML pages like
> > many spidering programs?
> Swish follows <A> tags.  If the target of the anchor is a dynamic page,
> then swish will index it.  Swish does not attempt to invoke <FORM>'s
> though (how should it know how to fill in input).
> moo
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