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RE: Re: spider generates 'Wrong method or server' errors

From: David Norris <kg9ae(at)>
Date: Tue Oct 27 1998 - 21:46:56 GMT
> > EquivalentServer http://myserver/ http://myserver/too
> That doesn't do anything.  What exactly are you trying to do?

Mostly being curious.  It's just something that popped into my mind when I
read the mail.  If I understand your use of equivalent, there may be some
cases where a web would exist as a sub directory as well as under its own
domain name.  For example, http://myvirtualserver/ would be equivalent to
This is how HTTP/1.1 stays semi-compatible with HTTP/1.0 browsers.  If there
is no Request URI header, then a non-virtual URI is served.  Am I
misunderstanding your use of equivalent?  Or, would you expect someone to
use another method which I am currently overlooking?

> > BTW, I think I have narrowed the spidering problem down to a
> few lines of
> > code.  I will have more info later.  It has to do with the
> screwy command
> > interpreter on Windows 9x.  NT would likely work fine.  To run the PERL
> > script on 9x, one would have to call "start",
> instead of
> > ""
> I'm not sure if that's the correct solution.  At least from the command
> line, start does not wait for the program to end before returning
> control.  This would definitely break swish.

Hmmm, yes, that would be a problem.  Start.exe being a stub had slipped my
mind.  Albeit bloated, somewhat complex, and several other things, I suppose
one could link perl.lib into SWISH to make it directly understand the script.  I would call it overboard, given this would only add
Win9x support.  Perhaps, a simplified C replacement of the PERL script just
for Win9x.  Just enough to be useful for simple projects.  If someone needed
the full functionality, they can always use a decent Server platform that
supports shell scripts.

,David Norris

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