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Meta tag search

From: Bin Zhang <bzhang(at)>
Date: Fri Oct 23 1998 - 19:15:24 GMT

This is my first post.  I just installed SWISH-E last night and played a
little with it.  It seems to me that swish-e only supports a special kind of
meta tags:


Am I missing something here?  What I want is the ability to index and search
a more standard type of meta tags, like these (I pasted them from Sunsite's

<META NAME="DC.title" CONTENT="Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE">
<META NAME="DC.creator" CONTENT="Roy Tennant">
<META NAME="DC.publisher" CONTENT="The Library, University of California,
<META NAME="DC.description" CONTENT="Digital collections and services of
the University of California, Berkeley Library and tools, information,
and resources for digital library developers.">
<META NAME="DC.identifier" CONTENT="">
<META NAME="DC.subject" CONTENT="digital libraries">
<META NAME="DC.subject" CONTENT="digital library">


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