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swish-e causing permissions to change?

From: William Malin <blvdmaster(at)>
Date: Fri Oct 16 1998 - 23:42:41 GMT
Hi there.....

Here's an interesting one -- at least to me :) --. I've been running
SWISH-E since it was introduced and it continues to perform quite well for
me on a BSD Unix system. However, something has come up that I want to post
to this board.

After running an index of about 70 files (an index I've run each month for
a long time now), SWISH-E was not able to write the index file. Upon
looking into this, I found that all files in the SWISH-E directory were
sudden;y CHMOD'ed to root, which/who I am not. Additionally, I found that
all files up the directory tree one tier were also now set to root.

A fluke? Maybe. But the admin of my host system told me that this has
happened before. This exact scenario to another of his customers running

I do not expect this to be a chronic problem, but I wanted to get any
feedback on this issue that anyone has to offer.


All the best from,

Bill Malin
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