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problems with indexing <META> tags

From: Tim Hutchinson <tim.hutchinson(at)>
Date: Thu Oct 08 1998 - 15:54:49 GMT
This seems to have come up on this list before, but
I've been unable to find a complete answer.

Are there problems associated with indexing with
<META>?  To date, I've been unable to make this
work.  The index file recognizes the existence of
the meta tags -- that is, the tags are listed in
the decoded index file (but the associated words
are flagged "1", i.e. not associated with a meta tag).  
Any searches within meta tags result in no records 
found.  On the other hand, a search for the same 
keyword *not* restricting to the meta name is successful.  
And if you try to search for a meta name not in the configuration
file, there's an error.

I tried tagging the html documents in every
possible way --
  <!-- META BEGIN ....

What could be going wrong?  Any suggestions
would be appreciated


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Received on Thu Oct 8 09:06:54 1998