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Re: Meta Tag Problem

From: Mark Gaulin <gaulin(at)>
Date: Mon Sep 07 1998 - 16:17:13 GMT
Responding to #2, Swish-E 1.1 (and Swish-E 1.2, which is not out yet) does not
have that capability. I really needed it, so I added it and created an
unofficial port 
of Swish-E 1.1 (that I call Swish-E 1.1a) that has the ability to define
META fields
that you would like to display in the search results. 

The Win32 port is at, along with
source code.
This is "beta" code, but the few people who are using it have reported that
it works fine.
The official Version 1.2 is supposed to be released "real soon now", and I
intent to 
add my stuff to it and get an "official" release (1.3?) for it. 

As far as #1 goes, you are be *required* to use "-w description=<searchtext>"
whenever you want to search something defined using MetaName.
If you do not put MetaName in the .conf you can search those fields as
"normal" text.
By defining those meta names with MetaName, you are turning those tags into
"sections" in each document that must be explicitly searched with the
syntax given above. In fact, that the main purpose of the MetaName option.

The code I have on the ftp site has the same problem as #1. I have newer
code that
does not have that limitation, but I haven't released it yet. If you are
running NT I could
get you a copy.


At 08:26 AM 9/7/98 -0700, Frank Rickett wrote:
>I wonder if anyone can throw some light onto the following metatag
>related problems.
>1.    I don't seem to be able to persuade Swish-e to index Meta tags,
>having put:
>MetaNames keywords description
>into the .conf searchy manually rummaging through the
>index file.
>2.    The next problem will be how to print out the contents of the
>description field - if this is possible - as part of the results listing
>(a description of the file would be more useful to us than the file
>3.    One less important item, I see the index file contains file
>creation dates; how can I extract this data from the index with perl (an
>example would be great!)?.
>Yours in hope
>Frank Rickett.
Received on Mon Sep 7 09:32:06 1998