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Meta Tag Problem

From: Frank Rickett <f.rickett(at)>
Date: Mon Sep 07 1998 - 15:12:47 GMT
I wonder if anyone can throw some light onto the following metatag
related problems.

1.    I don't seem to be able to persuade Swish-e to index Meta tags,
having put:

MetaNames keywords description

into the .conf file. Everything else works but no meta tags can be
found, either by the perl script or by manually rummaging through the
index file.

2.    The next problem will be how to print out the contents of the
description field - if this is possible - as part of the results listing
(a description of the file would be more useful to us than the file

3.    One less important item, I see the index file contains file
creation dates; how can I extract this data from the index with perl (an
example would be great!)?.


Yours in hope

Frank Rickett.
Received on Mon Sep 7 08:25:36 1998