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Only indexing certain filenames

From: Earl Fogel <fogel(at)>
Date: Thu Aug 13 1998 - 16:02:54 GMT

We are trying to use Swish-E to index our local services directory.

There are a variety of files in the directory, but the only ones
we want to index are the ones named 'index.html'.  I can't find
a way to do this with Swish-E.

I tried using 'IndexOnly index.html' but that didn't work, because
IndexOnly only works with file suffixes (the stuff after the last dot
in the filename).

Is there a way to do this, apart from using FileRules to exhaustively
list every filename we might use other than index.html?

Earl Fogel
Computing Services              phone: (306) 966-4861
University of Saskatchewan      email:
Received on Thu Aug 13 09:12:53 1998