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Re: [SWISH-E:390] SWISH++ 1.2.1 released

From: Maximo Migliari <support(at)>
Date: Fri Jul 31 1998 - 21:33:00 GMT

Have you ever considered perhaps making a version of SWISH++ which also takes
on SWISH-E configuration files??

I'm sure that not only would your search engine be more popular, it would
have a wider
developer base from which to expand and potentially become the best and
freeware indexing and search engine on the net.

I know supporting SWISH-E configuration files is not REALLY needed,  I also
know that
webmasters could also develop their own versions of the Perl
program, however,
if both of these were provided, people would have access to an easy-to-use,
powerfull search system
which would take minutes to implement and would be extremely easy to manage.

What people really want is to spend as little time as possible implementing
and maintaining a
search engine on their sites.  A "complete package" solution is what
everyone really is looking for, and I'm
sure you could achieve that if you were to make at least one or two of the
suggestions my hunble self has made.

All failing,
Keep up the good job :)
Maximo Migliari

At 15:39 27/07/98 -0700, you wrote:
>	From the Changes file below.
>	- Paul
>SWISH++ Changes
>* In "search," the original -d option that used to dump the entire index now
>  dumps the index entry for a single word.  Correspondingly, a new -D option
>  now does what -d used to do.
>* In "search," the dump of the index entries now includes the rank.
>* Numeric entity references were not converted to their ASCII equivalents.
>  don't know how I missed this.)
>* A search query that contained only stop-words returned all files (up to the
>  specified limit or default maximum).
Received on Fri Jul 31 14:48:36 1998