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Re: [SWISH-E:392] Re: Swish/Wget

From: Zaheed Haque <zaheed(at)>
Date: Tue Jul 28 1998 - 22:38:16 GMT
Robert Rothenberg <> wrote:
> On 27 Jul 98, Brian Rankin wrote:
> > Zaheed, that's an interesting idea, but I don't see how it can be 
> > implemented w/o a major rewrite of Swish.  [..]
> Would it require a major rewrite?
> I've been thinking of hacking a simple mirroring robot that copies
files into
> a local directory, then using swish to build a database... then
merge the
> multiple databases.
> Rob
This is currently possible without any changes ..if I understand your
question correctly .. it is currently possible using WGET and SWISH .. 

What I was looking for is a way to index while you collect document ..
Well I have a slight idea how to do it and I have done a little
experiment too.. It's using the simple UNIX commonad pipe.. 

Well I run the WGET and it allows you to pipe stuff to some other
script.. so I pipe output to swish.. it indexes the file pipe it again
to a "shell script" that deletes my original file .. and the process
goes on again and again.. 

It is like connecting breaking bones together :-).. Well I will keep
poking around if I find something concrete I think I will write a perl
script so I can do everthing from the web.. I will keep you all posted..

Zaheed Haque
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Received on Tue Jul 28 15:49:11 1998