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RE: [SWISH-E:373] Using Parentheses

From: David Norris <kg9ae(at)>
Date: Thu Jul 16 1998 - 22:23:12 GMT
Shouldn't that be:
orrery not (saturn or pluto)

'and not' should be an oxymoron.  (I didn't pay as much attention as I
should have in my college Boolean classes, though ;)  Perhaps this is
confusing SWISH-E.  I have no real clue, though.  Just a semi-educated

,David Norris

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Subject: [SWISH-E:373] Using Parentheses

Dear All,

The swish-e documentation says that you can use parens to force order of
evaluation, but when I try it, say by typing orrery and not (saturn or
pluto) into a query field, it returns nothing.  Any ideas on how this
really works?  Also, the docs say to use lowercase for the booleans but
that seems not to be a problem; it treats uppercase booleans just fine.



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